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Need help, htc diamond wont active sync

Hi there
Sorry I am a new member, I have been following this forum for quite a while, but registered to ask a question 1st time. Tried to search for an answer but didnt find anything, I apologize in advance if I overlooked.
I have htc diamond from sprint, actually 2 of them, I flashed the stock rom on one of them to grove rom 5 and the second one is running on energy rom. I never had any issues syncing my phones before, but like 2 weeks ago all of a sudden, when I connect my phones to my laptop it wont recognize it? I tried uninstalling active sync and then reinstalling it 3 times on 3 different laptops but no luck at all.
I saw a thread on google search about this issue coming up if you charge your phone in your vehicle?! I do charge them in my car, both of them.
I hope someone can help me out
Thanks again
Best regards,
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