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Accessories for the Iphone - need help for Christmas gifts

Hi Everyone,

I figured this would be the best place to ask this since I'm normally in another part of the forum and don't know too much about the accessories for the Iphone.

My sister just got a new Iphone a couple of months ago and while she was visiting I noticed she was keeping it in a small velvet-type pouch while inside her purse. I was looking at it and noticed she didn't have a screen protector, caseetc and would like to purchase some stuff for her for Christmas. While I was in the Apple store yesterday I looked at the screen protectors, cases and docking stations w/ remote control.

What vendors would you recommend (Seidio, Zagg, Ghost Armor, Apple) and which accessories? I'm familiar with Seidio products and Ghost Armor since they are on my smartphone but wasn't sure about their stuff for the Iphone (quality-wise).

Thanks for your help.