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Smile AT&T Tilt 2 for only $175$

Yesterday, here in Washington DC I can’t find a single store with it in stock. Only 1 store even has a single example for display!
If at first…
If you happen to have an expired contract, or are just a good customer, give this a try – I got my Tilt 2 for only $175!
Here’s how. I called AT&T, asked to speak to Customer Retention, FYI my monthly total is about $120 and my contract was up. Got a nice guy called Alex and told him I wnated to get the phone, and since my contract was up I was looking around for the best deal. I mentioned T Mobile and Verizon both have the same phone and I was willing to jump ship for a good price.
At first he was able to get it down to a net after rebates of $250. I winged a bit and suggested he try again as I thought I could do better elsewhere. He went off to talk to someone (a Supervisor I guess) and came back with the following:
$350 – $50rebate, -another $50 rebate, -10% + $224.99 plus a $50 mail in rebate to HTC for a net total of $174.99! =D>
I couldn’t pry the actual rebate codes out of him, but feel free to press for the same deal!
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