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Re: Official Motorola Droid ad from VZW

Originally Posted by damion4355 View Post
VZW has posted an ad for the new Droid including countdown!

More info:
Wow, that's quite an add. Verizon is really taking the gloves off.

I have been planning to stick with WinMo but this add makes me want to take a good look at the Droid.

For Verizon to have the balls to put out an ad like this it better be one hell of a device. Even running Android, without Snapdrgon, Tegra or some other Cpu/Gpu upgrade I just don't know how amazing it is going to be.

Edit: After some additional reading it is rumored that the droid is powered by the TI OMAP3430
Wow, this is really starting to look interesting!

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