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Re: Really sick of fancy rom, just care about battery life now

Originally Posted by featips View Post
I ever have lots of interest in testing and use ROMs in last several months, now I got bored about it. For a guy, like myself, who spends lots of time with computer, fancy ROM functions does not mean too much, for myself.

Now, what I care most is the battery life. I tried several ROM, very bad battery life, also easily get heated. Playing with fancy ROMs, I lost basic function of a 'phone'.

Now, I want to stick with the basic function of a phone. Anyone can tell me how to get nice battery life, together with stable, fast, and simple phone performance?

Thanks in advance.
Build your own.

Originally Posted by fenixjn View Post
I think then you should get back to stock. I know there is another ROM around that has a good battery performance but it is really light but in the meantime, stock is the way to go for you.
You're insane. Stock roms are the worst for battery.
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