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Originally Posted by FastRX8 View Post
I talked to one other person that had this same issue.
He only had it w/ a rom that had a registry setting for the screen alignment.
Are there any custom registry settings you're using for alignment?
One possible fix is to delete the registry setting from the phone, and re-align.
Maybe that will keep them from changing back.
Here is the registry location
Delete the key called "CalibrationData".
Reset your phone, and then re-align.
By the way, a quick way to get to the re-align screen is to push the center of the joystick and the windows key at the same time.
thanks RX8 this is remembering me that i didn't find this miss alignment issue when using verizonguy WM6 version...but still wanna build my own rom with build os....
Originally Posted by psiphi View Post
There is another thread on this (search on digitizer) but one possible solution is to carefully take a sheet of paper and clean the lint between the case and the screen, being careful not to get it stuck around the corners... This solved my problem for a long time (until I droped the PDA and the top half of my screen was permanently mis-alligned... Thank you Sprint for TEP )

Good Luck...
@Psiphi :I've give it a has been 5ours since i clear the "lint " between the casing and the touch work very nice i don't have any more miss alignment issue. hope fully it'll last long ....Thanks alot....
Originally Posted by schettj View Post
I'd agree - usually some small amount of gunk in the edge there causes misreads of the touchscreen.
Thanks bro Schettj this seem my problem solver....
Originally Posted by jhonny11 View Post
I had the same issue - cleaned between the screen and case with the edge of something and it cleared up a lot. Still not perfect, but a LOT better
try to clean more may be using "C" formed Cartoon, choose the hard one..maybe some buildup still stuck under your casing....
Originally Posted by Ga. Medic View Post
I have had the same screen alignment issue. I cleaned wirh paper, so we shall see if that works. I did find there was a fair amount of buildup.
Originally Posted by Ga. Medic View Post
I am still having the alignment issue so I deleted the registry setting listed above and reset then realigned. Hopefullt this will help.
Try Rx 8 advise..but i hvn't try it i just wanna try the solution one by one so that i would know the source of the problem.please share to us if you had fix your problem bro Ga THANKS ...
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