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Icloneish tweak .cab>>

found this yesterday while messin around lookin for stuff to screw my phone up with..
installed it and its pretty damn awesome.
completely tweak your phone the way u want.
put whatever program u want on your homescreen.

found this while browsing mightymikes site..
for folks who enjoy listening to music via touchpro,this is THE BOMB..
What is GrooveFish?
It is an application based off of GrooveShark which allows you to play music from any artist for free. Barguast from XDA-Developers has created GrooveFish for the Windows Mobile platform which brings those features to our beloved devices.
I have been using it for the last 2 days and am very impressed to say the least. The application works very well and functions as it states. Simply search the artist or song, GrooveFish will display results from your query. Simply select the song and listen. The most surprising advantage is that there is no audio loss. The stream seems to be at least 128Kbit or higher which is very good news.
Of course, It is recommended to use this service with either an unlimited data plan or wi-fi access.
Current Features
Search for individual songs.
View song information.
Play the song, with common media controls (play, pause, seek, etc.)!/msg62939/
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