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Re: Caller ID and Contacts

Originally Posted by Nosey View Post
With google voice, I have my caller id setup so it shows my number instead of the callers (set this way to have free incoming calls), I also have all my contacts setup so that when I select to call them, it calls my google voice number, pauses, then dials their number, so all my contacts start with my google number ie: mynumber-pause-pause-numbercalling

I also have a contact named google voice with just my google number for manually calling a number and for the caller id on incoming calls so it will show "Google Number" which is what I labeled that contact

in some of the roms (of course the ones that I don't like or cause my phone to lock up), when someone calls, it shows "google number" contact as the caller id, but in the rom I found that I like and works good for my phone, the caller id shown is the last number in the history that matches the first part of the number

Why would this be happening and what would be the best way around this, or is this a bug with the rom I'm using?
You know what, man ... you've come to the wrong place for help in how to optimize your phone in order to cheat a carrier into providing free calling. We don't talk about that stuff around here ...
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