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Re: Phone Won't Boot or Do Anything -- Could it b Brick ?

Originally Posted by robsta View Post
Yeah, sorry to say man, but I think you have a bricked diamond...

You have already tried the Power + Vol Down + Back button which should bring up to the tri-color bootloader screen. Since that doesn't even work and you have already confirmed the battery works; it really does sound like it is done for.

When you plug it in to charge it, does the LED on the wheel light up?

EDIT: So I looked back at your post again, and it doesn't seem you have tried this...

1. Pull the battery, put it back in.
2. While holding the Back button and the Volume down button, try to turn it on using the power button on the top of the phone.
3. Hold all three buttons until it comes up to the tri-color bootloader screen (if it does, then it can be saved by loading the stock rom on there using a usb cable to a computer)

try this too & it still doesn't do anything. there is no light on the wheel when it is plug in to charge
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