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Re: Ballpoint Pen/Stylus Combo?

Depends on which one you're talking about.
I, too, have been using PPCs since the E200 days. And have done quite a bit of business app development for them.

First, the Boss Lady is a nurse. ALL the pen/stylus combos I have seen have been units left by drug company reps.
They range from the 3- or 4-way retractible combinations (2 color pens, stylus, and maybe a mechanical pencil). Some are nice with sort of pricey commercial counterparts and can be refilled. Others are jammomatic crap whose styli can really mar a touchscreen.
The simplest and cheapest was a plastic retractible. The business end of it had a bit of a "nose", sort of like a visor, that could be used as a stylus when the pen was retracted. Surprisingly smooth and mar-free.
The one I like the most, and am constantly on the lookout for, is a black metal deal, about three inches long. It has a clip so it can be clipped into your handy nerd pocket protector or into a notebook or even, as the Boss Lady does, to her phone holster. The pen is a twist-retract deal.
The pen writes nice, the stylus works well, and the size and weight give the impresstion of having something substantial to hang onto.
The deals I see for sale where the non-stylus plastic end comes off to reveal the pen point are, to me, too teeny to be used for anything but a dire emergency.
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