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Phone Won't Boot or Do Anything -- Could it b Brick ?

Phone Won't Boot or Do Anything -- Could it b Brick ?

ok. i had unlock & flashed the phone using the instruction on...

everything worked fine once i flashed it. i was able to restore my contact #, text messaging, make outgoing & recieve incoming calls, etc.

all of sudden the phone was doing weird things. it will freeze, reboots itself. i thought nothing of it so i reset it a couple of time. after some time, the phone just shut itself off. i am not able to do anything.

i sent it in for repair w/ HTC & they said i voided the warranty w/ unapproved software.

i am w/ Cricket Wireless & installed Juicy Rom(090922 installed 1st then installed 090723 over it)

i have tried to do hard reset & nothing.

any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.
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