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Upgrade to Diamond from Touch Vogue or go to TP2?

I'm on Sprint and at end of 2 years where I'm eligible for an upgrade. I've had the Sprint Touch (Vogue) for almost 2 years and have been very happy with other than the fact it is somewhat laggy (much improved after flashing better ROMs, but not perfect).

I DO NOT need a hardware keyboard. My phone is on it's last legs and I am ready for an upgrade.

The Diamond really seems to be what would work for me, but I'm concerned if it is also laggy (I realize it doesn't have a memory card slot; while I don't like that, I can live with it).

Or would I better off with the new Touch Pro 2 even though I don't need a keyboard? Is it significantly snappier than the Diamond? Only other advantage I can see for the TP2 is that it is a world phone which would be handy occasionally.

If I decide on the Diamond it looks like it might be cheaper to just get one on eBay than through Sprint.

I have been trying to negotiate the TP2 price with Sprint (am awaiting a call back) -- I don't have a business account, but a very high $$ family plan with a lot of phones on it.

What are your recommendations for me?

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