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Re: give back that TP2 for an Imagio

I've had my VZW TP2 for almost four weeks but am considering trading it in (within VZW's 30 day return window) for the Imagio. Here's why:

1. The TP2 is a bit thick and heavy for my tastes. According to VZW's website, the TP2 is 4.57" (H) x 2.33" (W) x 0.68" (D) and weighs 6.35 ounces...and the Imagio is 4.65" (H) x 2.43" (W) x 0.55" (D) and weighs 5.2 ounces. So the Imagio weighs less, is slightly wider and higher, and is thinner (because it lacks a physical keyboard).

2. Like an earlier poster, I came from the XV6800 and thought I would be *lost* without a physical keyboard. I had been someone who was firmly convinced that I needed a physical keyboard; however, I've used the TP2's physical keyboard only a handful of times over the last four weeks--the virtual keyboard is *that* good, especially compared to the XV6800. I've written many emails and text messages using just the virtual keyboard. Of course, I haven't written any lengthy notes yet, but I'm not sure having the physical keyboard is worth the extra thickness and weight for its occasional use.

3. The TP2 comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 and the Imagio comes with WM 6.5. An upgrade to WM 6.5 for the TP2 is surely forthcoming, but when? In my experience, WM upgrades never seem as good as having the phone come with with the OS. Of course, the TP2 is so new that perhaps it won't make a difference.

4. The TP2 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera and the Imagio comes with a 5 megapixel camera--not that either device takes that great of a picture.

Anyway, can anyone else who has tried both devices comment? Are there any other noteworthy differences?

BTW, I upgraded from the XV6800 to the TP2 using VZW's 'new every two' program and ended up paying only $99 for the TP2. Will VZW sock me for swapping phones?
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