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Re: MetroPCS Internet and MMS Works but not email?

Originally Posted by bribriluv View Post
Hey everyone!!!

I'm having hard time trying to figure out why my aim and email on my touch pro will not use my metropcs internet connection but it will work on my wifi connection . I keep getting a message saying Error Syncronizing and Connection Error

I recently flashed my phone to metro and i have Full Web ,and MMS, GPS, Youtube. But no Email and Aim. it's very weird!

Would someone help me please?


actually i had this same exact problem for a little while, turned out that the email was trying to connect using the wrong settings. good news is that it's easy to fix. press on the envelope to enter your email. from your inbox at the bottom of the screen select menu>tools>option. select the account in question and the choose "edit account setup" press next all the way up to the screen that says "outgoing (smtp) mail server". look at the bottom and click on "advanced server settings" once in there you will have to select the metropcs connection. save all the settings and now your email will use the same connection that your internet and mms is using.

this only happens to me when i have to manually set up and email account on my phone. if the settings are saved in the phone (hotmail) i never have to that.

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