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Profiles for Windows Mobile - a must have

I upgraded to Diamond from smartphones (Dash, Q), one big thing missing is profiles. With profiles, I can easily select between, say, Normal, Mute, Loud and Vibrate, etc.

I was very surprised and disappointed that there is no such a thing on Diamond and other professional WM phones!

Profiles for Windows Mobile comes to rescue:

Yeah it is quite old, but it does work on my Diamond. It crashed initially, but after a soft reset, it has been working very fine, no problem at all.

You can use it to turn on/off radios as well, even run any program.

If you need to select profiles automatically based on your appointment schedule, then you need the PhoneAlarm. For me, I don't need that and I always prefer as simple as possible, so I chose PWM - only about 100KB.

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