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Re: Finally dies...relock question!

Originally Posted by cruisincali View Post
Just take it in and say it the screen malfunctioned (its not like they can see whats wrong with it, they are sales reps), they will ask no questions and you will get your replacement. My phone is stuck in landscape mode permanently and I am going to the shop this weekend hopefully they replace it for free.
Took the phone in this morning and they did give me a replacement after a tech tried to play with it for 20 mins or so. I did notice that the phone they gave me was brand new but it must be an older one. It has the following device info on it;
rom version 1.03.651.4
rom date 11-11-08
radio 1.03.15F
hardware version 0002
PRL version 60652
PRI version 1.47.003

QUESTION.....Should I attempt to do the HTC rom upgrade again to get the newer radio and supposed improvements, or just leave it the hell alone and enjoy it as it is?
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