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Re: Finally dies...relock question!

Originally Posted by Boaz65 View Post
My display must have finally died, I see absolutely nothing on it. Several hard resets, nothing, several soft resets, nothing. I never really got a chance to relock it after flashing that BS HTC Rom Update the other day, which is what I think gave my phone the swine flu. So what I did was connected the phone to my PC and it appeared that the active sync connected after 13 tries. I can not force bootloader mode, no way, no how. I went ahead and ran the relocker (Raphael CDMA relocker) anyway since my WMDC screen showed that I was connected. After 8 tries, my PC screen shows 100% completion. How can I be certain that the phone is actually locked before taking this piece of sheet to the Sprint store, hopefully for a replacement? Im assuming that without a visual display, they couldn't really tell if it was locked or not, correct?
Just take it in and say it the screen malfunctioned (its not like they can see whats wrong with it, they are sales reps), they will ask no questions and you will get your replacement. My phone is stuck in landscape mode permanently and I am going to the shop this weekend hopefully they replace it for free.
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