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Weird S2U2 Problem

I spent an hour or so searching and couldn't find an answer..

I've been a longtime user of S2U2, previously on my Mogul and now on my TouchPro.

For the last 6 months or so I had been running a 6.5 EnergyROM, but earlier this week decided to go back to a 6.1 MightyROM.

Reinstalled S2U2 and configured it as I always do and everything is working fine, except for the power button to lock.

Previously, I would always quickly lock my phone by hitting the power button to turn the screen off, activating S2U2. For some reason now, whenever I hit the power button, it turns off the screen, but doesn't initiate S2U2.

I've went over the settings time and time again and everything is set the same as I always set it. I even went as far as restoring the S2U2 registry hive from a previous backup when it was working on the EnergyROM and it still doesn't work.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any help or information.
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