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Re: Gmail Sync and Attachments?

No problem Most of the time I spend on this phone is for e-mail, so it's pretty important to me.... and I know there are tons of you out there who do the same.

Originally Posted by badsez View Post
What is your workaround for the Sent Mail folder being blank in wm6.1? I created a filter/label in gmail called SntMl to show all sent from my email address and used it to keep in sync.
The problem is that WM6.1 still doesn't allow you to manually map your root directory and IMAP folders to their sent/trash/etc folders. What I do for sent, although it takes a few extra clicks to get there is just have it sync from the gmail root directory folder that it creates. It should show up just above the built in outlook folders as [Gmail] or whatever you've named this account. If you go in there, you'll see all of your folders/filters including "Sent Mail". If you click menu > tools > manage folders, you can have outlook sync that folder, and you'll have access to your sent mail. Actually, I think that makes it just one extra click, but at least you wont have to deal with an extra filter.

Outlook's "Sent Item's" folder will always be empty, unless you enable "save a copy of sent messages" which just causes a different set of problems. It also isn't necessary to check that box since with google, anything that goes through SMTP is automatically flagged as "sent" and stored under your "sent mail" filter. We just have to wait for microsoft to either give in and give us proper IMAP support, or wait for google to finish with sync. I was hoping that microsoft would cave before google did, but alas...

Originally Posted by badsez View Post
Since ImapPusher takes care of incoming mail.. what is the recommended setting for the send/receice frequency? ideally.. i'd like the sent mail to be sent right away in true sense!!
For send/receive frequency, you'll want to set it to manual. The IMAP pusher service takes care of incoming mail using IMAP IDLE... so it's basically pushed to your phone immediately, you don't want it burning battery and checking for mail when there is none. As for sending, if Outlook is set to send emails manually, when you type out an email and hit send.... guess what... that's a manual send command So the email will go out instantly.

Originally Posted by badsez View Post
Another question. Where to set 2 weeks of email instead of 7 days or 30 days??
I actually only have 7 days and 30 days as my only options. Two weeks doesn't show up, although I do think I remember seeing it there at one point on my TP1. That might be something that can be sorted out with a registry edit... or maybe that was on WM6.5. That'll require some board searching. You'll most likely have better luck in the TP1 forum, or you can try google search up at the top.

Welcome back to IMAP

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