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Re: Signal Bars

no it is not a battery saving feature, and no the signal bars are not worthless

does your phone show you your signal or rssi for both ev and 1x, also when you make data connection and signal goes up does roam indicator come on or data signal indicator change?

basically phone locks in on one tower, probely prefured sid in the PRL list on phone, once the signal gets to low enough point it will accept a non-prefurred tower to maintain your conenction, say you have one bar then apply data usage to it and usage detirates the signal quality then phone see no prefured ID's and uses next lower setting which is actual closer to you, also lower signal phone registers the higher it raise power level

in short the prl on your phone is causing your battery to drain faster, if you know what sid your phone is using when you have good signal with active connection you could manual edit it to be a preferred ID and not have this issue
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