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Wirelessly posted (HTC Touch Diamond: HTC-P4600/1.2 Opera/9.50 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en))

Install 'Cleartemp', it removes cache for ya and allows ya to change where you want your csche to be saved.

Try 'Advanced Config' as well, has tons of options to change your cache to Internal Storage. Pathname for that would be /Internal Storage/xxxxx (whatever you want it to be called).

As Rileyd5 stated, enter 'Opera:config' to the address bar. Then go to user prefs, change all Temporary and cache to Internal Storage. Enable ram cache as well and you can increase tabs there.

You can also delete the items in Application Data/HTC/Album/Cache. Those are the album thumbnails, it can be as large as 10 mbs sometimes. Matters how many pics you view through the album app. It does refresh when you use the app though.

I have the cabs, but their easy to find, just google them. I would post them but I'm writing from my Diamond.
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