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Re: Still looking for that good ROM? No longer.

Originally Posted by Fixup View Post
If you are old enough (mostly not), you should know that Norton graphic user interface for DOS. Crashed all the time, and only few clicks, you still see that ugly DOS. Nothing like the Macintosh.

To me, TF3D and all its kind, also the WM6.5, are all like that old Norton. Nothing iPhone. Other than consuming lots of resources and causing troubles, helps nothing about the ugly WM OS.

It's like putting thick foam bras on two flat breasts.
I'm assured by this post you haven't seen Manila 2.5 then.

Manila 2.5 is the ultimate WM OS replacement.

All settings are handled in a Manila enviroment, and you virtually will never have to see the Windows default interface.

And resource hungry? Really? With CFC, Manila is absolutely tiny and is extremely fast.

What current ROMs out there have you tried(within say the last 2 months), may I ask?
Use intxROM

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