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Re: Still looking for that good ROM? No longer.

Originally Posted by Fixup View Post
I bought a WM phone because it has all the apps and features I need, no other phones provide all these:

TomTom, or Garmin GPS
Remote Desktop
Push mail via Exchange, IMAP idle and Hotmail (Live)
Java Midllet
Opera Mini (the browser for 99.99% of browsing)
Opera Mobile (for the rest of 0.01%)
Gmail (java client)
AgePhone (VOIP)

The newer Sprint ROM allows all of them and more, why I still bother with any custom ROM? As I said in my OP, it was that stock Sprint ROM that was so bad, I had no choice but looking for a custom ROM. Those days are over. I also pointed out, those who need some features cooked in the ROM, then they still need a custom ROM.

I'm not saying nobody needs a custom ROM, I just want people to know the newer Sprint ROM is good enough for most users.
I will go as far to agree with you that the newer Sprint ROM is a big improvement over the stock one, of course.

However, this is a enthusiast forum, and most people here are interested in taking their device to the limit, which is where Custom ROMs come into play.

For example, as much as I hear, the Verizon stock ROM is excellent, yet you still see VZW Diamonders begging for a HardSPL.

But I will completely agree with you, if someone doesn't more than the basics and want a nice looking ROM, the latest Sprint one isn't too shabby.

Unfortunately, I've become way too used to TF3D2(manila sms, contacts <3) and I absolutely adore how Manila is becoming a full-featured OS replacement of sorts. If you've seen Manila 2.5, I can't even begin to imagine you aren't thinking of flashing custom ROMs when it's released.
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