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I'd say your doing pretty well with the one that you have. I have the 6700 and I give it the upper hand over the 6800 but only because of the software that has been developed for it. The other thing is that most of the bugs have been worked out with the 6700. The only reason that it has the upper hand though is because of its age, in time I believe that the 6800 will begin to live up to its capabilities. The touch is nice and all but I just cant get with the idea of the soft keyboard being my only option, beyond the touchflo system it doesn't really do anything that your 6800 cant do. Blackberry's are cool but you lose the ability to edit microsoft applications. I'd say stick with what you have, unless Sprint brings the Touch Dual into play. Then I suggest that you move on up like the jeffersons (I know I will).
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