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Re: Still looking for that good ROM? No longer.

Originally Posted by intx View Post
I purchased a Windows Mobile phone because I knew that it was customizable, and I love the fact I can push the limits of what is thought possible on a phone and always upgrade it without spending the cash.

If you're purchasing a phone just to use it(IE the basic texter/caller) then I believe you made a horrific mistake in purchasing a WM phone. Any proprietary OS phone such as the Instinct would have done you much greater good since it's almost completely stable and just works(though it doesn't do much ). Even a Blackberry or Palm may have been a much better fit for you, from what I can tell.

I like the fact that my phone can do virtually everything my PC can, for example:

I can use it as a Wifi access point.
I can edit Photoshop files with my graphics program.
I can access FTP and upload/download stuff on the go.
Watching Powerpoint presentations and editing them with the right software? I can do it.
I can watch flash videos(for example I watched NCAA March Madness in class last year)
I can browse any website like a PC.

Just a few things that most phones can barely do one of.
I agree totally with intx, and have been using the Telus radio since the day it was released. By the way, intx's latest release (premier) is very good ... you should give it a try.
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