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Re: Still looking for that good ROM? No longer.

Originally Posted by Fixup View Post
I buy a phone to use it, not to cook it unless really necessary. Yes I know signal bars mean nothing but at least it is not fake like mighty 3.9.

Good enough is enoigh, cooking is fan but not the purpose.
I purchased a Windows Mobile phone because I knew that it was customizable, and I love the fact I can push the limits of what is thought possible on a phone and always upgrade it without spending the cash.

If you're purchasing a phone just to use it(IE the basic texter/caller) then I believe you made a horrific mistake in purchasing a WM phone. Any proprietary OS phone such as the Instinct would have done you much greater good since it's almost completely stable and just works(though it doesn't do much ). Even a Blackberry or Palm may have been a much better fit for you, from what I can tell.

I like the fact that my phone can do virtually everything my PC can, for example:

I can use it as a Wifi access point.
I can edit Photoshop files with my graphics program.
I can access FTP and upload/download stuff on the go.
Watching Powerpoint presentations and editing them with the right software? I can do it.
I can watch flash videos(for example I watched NCAA March Madness in class last year)
I can browse any website like a PC.

Just a few things that most phones can barely do one of.

Originally Posted by Jadall View Post
Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.7 (Windows Mobile; PPC; Opera Mobi/35432; U; en) Presto/2.2.1)

the roms I like so far are intx premier and energy rom genesis is nice too I am using my telus radio works good
Thanks for the callout Jadall. I'm using the Telus radio as well and I have virtually no heat, great battery life and good data speeds.
Use intxROM

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