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Re: Still looking for that good ROM? No longer.

Originally Posted by Fixup View Post
When I got my Sprint Diamond about a year ago, the stock ROM was simply not to live with - very poor battery life, very sluggish, heavily crippled... Like many others here, I've been looking for that good ROM.

Tried Groove, Mighty ... and even cooked my own. None was ideal, but I stayed with Mighty 3.9. Still some problems:

***Picasaweb won't take photos mailed from this ROM.
***Freeze during charging, as soon as I install AgePhone, even after I removed it.
***Radio bars are fake - either full bars, or no bar, seldom between.
***VOIP apps crashes often for no reason. Never could get the built-in VOIP to work.


Until one day I happened to play with a Verizon Diamond. Man, smooth, snappy, no garbages like TouchFlo3D, superb battery life. Obviously, this shipped ROM has been polished very well after the initial release a year ago. I want it ever since.

However, nobody has posted the Verizon ROM for us. Hopelessly, I went to HTC website and, luckily, saw the new Sprint ROM.

This ROM is all I wanted, just like the Verizon ROM. No any problem so far. GPS (TomTom7.9), Internet, VOIP all work fine, no more crash during charging and other times. Picasaweb now takes my emailed photos. BTW, I use this phone on Verizon (PagePlusCellular prepaid actually). No more those Sprint junk that pop up all the time like before, such as provisioning and guarding etc.

This ROM comes with radio 1.11.00F, the very best so far. Much better signal than before and it is real, because now the bars goes up and down gradually, staying at full bars most of the time, never drops suddenly to 0 like the Mighty does.

The Opera Mobile 9.5 15945 in this ROM finally works smoothly, smooth enough to be actually usable, which was never true before. Auto-fill now works. It is no longer that hot while running and it no longer use CPU time while idle. This version might not be all the reason, I think it is this ROM that makes it to run much better than before.

Bye to custom ROMs for now, you guys gave me a wonderful time. Some people might still want a custom ROM for some cooked-in features, but this Sprint new ROM has everything I need. I'm not a fan of ever-adding features; unfortunately this is what most of the cookers here do, other than spending time just to do more test and bug fix.
Honestly, a lot of the stuff you're saying has to do with the radio. You realize you can flash your own radio at any point in time, right? Sprint 1.11 is actually outdated as of now, I believe(they released a newer one) and if you haven't tried the Telus one, you should.

Overall, I don't believe you should give up on custom ROMs due to a few bad experiences(and the one you were mentioning Mighty 3.9 is quite outdated).
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