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Help with Sprint Diamond on Altell.

Hello, long time lurker, first time poster.
I seem to be having a few problems that do not seem to be covered in the forums before.
So I had a Touch Pro on Alltel that I bought in February with a 2 year plan. Unfortunatley I lost it a month ago. Instead of spending the money on a new Touch Pro I decided to go with a Diamond to hold me off until better phones start coming out (I'm looking at you HTC Leo). I bought the replacement Sprint Diamond off of eBay expecting to easily transfer it to Altell. Well it's easier said than done. I tried to reset the MLS to all 0's with QPST but the problem is that everytime I dial ##DIAG or it's variants I get a message from Sprint saying "Your account could not be validated please contact customer services". Is there something I'm missing here? It refuses to even let me go any further and this is gettingquite frustrating...especially since I'm getting divested to Verizon Wireless on the 17th, and I don't really care to go through activating my phone with them.

Any help would be greatly appreceated .
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