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I'm gonna have to chime in here. Post #2 for me...I bought my Mogul used off Craigslist and it came with the Alltell ROM on it. This was on the 4th. I couldn't activate it because of the ROM. So I had to reinstall the newest Sprint ROM. I did, 2.16, and the phone worked very well. I never experienced a lot of the problems I've been reading about here. One thing I can say though is, that 2.09 seems to be a little faster...If that's at all possible. Since then, I've gotten a new insurance replacment ( 1/2" deep bucket of antifreeze will do wonders to a Mogul) running 2.09 and am just as happy, if not happier about the overall increased speed of the device. But I myself have never experienced any lockups with the 2.16 ROM either, or BT issues for that matter.

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