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Originally Posted by austinabrady View Post
*It Works for Me.
Good luck to you!
I installed Sprints release two weeks ago.
I have not had 1 lock up.
I can leave Bluetooth on for days, it does not turn off on it's own.
My D-Pad works. Always.
I have more apps installed than most.
To name a few:
MS Voice
CE Commander
SPB WX, Pocket Plus4, Time, Phone Tools, Back up
Sprint TV
HTC streaming
Office 07 or 6.1
SK tools
Mem Maid
Pocket Mechanic
Core Player
Pocket Player
Resco Keyboard and Photo Viewer
Pocket Live TV
Pencil Box Deluxe,
+ At least 12 games (my daughter loves them)

*I believe the lockups and Bluetooth problems are related to Power Management and the new Radio.
That said,
Here are the settings which work for me.

1. Go to your power settings and uncheck them.
Do not allow the device to shut itself off.
Shut it off yourself with the power switch and rely
On the screen settings to save your battery.
This is the main fix, believe it or not,
It works for me.

Attachment 3099

2. Go to your Phone settings and turn off Roaming.
Select Sprint only or Roaming Only (depending on your location)
It seems Auto switching causes lock ups, so take the
Auto out of the equation.

Attachment 3100

* Like I said, it works for me. I hope it helps you and I hope I did not waste your time. I can wait for the next update with my device set on these settings.

/*/Mods feel free to Move this, but I thought it deserved it's own thread.

Hi everyone.

coincidently enough as the user with the first post in this thread i haven't had any "MAJOR" issues at all ever since i upgraded my mogul from 2.09 to 2.16: like dpad and locking up while roaming something like that.

BUT i do have some minor issues like:

1-alarm will go off while charging but it will replicate 3 or 4 alarms at the same time and i'll have to dismiss 3 or 4 instances.

2-while on the subway or when the phone doesn't have any service (signal) if you soft reset the phone, when it comes back up the date and time will FLIP-OUT and triggered all you alarms,tasks and appointments, etc... the date will be set to january 5 2080 but it will fix itself like in 5 to 10 mins. so if you want to replicate it before doing this set the phone to vibrate because is very noise.

3-my evdo speed rate when down to an average of 500-700 when it used to be 900-1000.

4-delayed ringer. people complaint of me not picking the phone quickly, i did a test and my phone start ringing after you've heard the 4th or 3rd ring on the other side.

5-sometimes it wakes up by itself and i think it might be a call coming through or a text message.

those are the only issues that i have with this update besides that everything is fine.

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