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Originally Posted by austinabrady View Post
I'm sorry. I should have been more specific.
I installed the Rom within twenty minuets of it being found/posted.
I have had it set up this way for two weeks. (Since Nov. 4th)
I have only used Roaming 4 or five times,
But No lock ups.
(I don't really need to, just checking)
The power does drain, but no faster than it did with the device controlling it.
Especially during a lock up. <100% dropped to 40% in less than a half hour. (wow)>
I just bought an extended battery(HTC) and I can go
uncharged for a day +/- 8 hours depending on usage.
Under normal usage(for me, pretty heavy, streaming orb cam to watch the kids, browsing, texting, emails, calls ect...)
*I am good about shutting it down and
I set my screen to dim after 30 sec or ten sometimes.
Hope it helps.
How about Bluetooth usage? Any problems there?
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