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I figured out how to make it work for me.

This will make your Pic/Video Inbox disappear! So not really a fix more of an acceptable workaround for me.

Go to:

Cut DefMsgClass and past it in HKLM\Software\Inbox\Svc\ActiveSync
(Just because I put it there with no ill effect and you my want you Pic/Video Inbox back one day.)

After doing this the HTC Mail Icon pulls up the same than as the Messaging link in the Start Menu whatever that is.

This works for me only because my Outlook E-Mail is the only messaging I use. I have never used Pic/Video Messaging before and this has no effect on my TXT messaging at all my Inbox is still there and I get messages fine.

Again, This is not a fix and doing this will kill your Pic/Video Inbox it will not show up in Messaging. But, this resolves my personal issue.
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