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Google issueing a C & D to Android Chef Please read and support Chefs everywhere

I think it is safe to say that all of us here are in favor of open mobile platforms in which people with the dedication and skills necessary may experiment and support there platform community. I`m sure that many people here would not even consider Windows Mobile if wasn`t for Microsoft and HTCs acceptance of the modding community.

You might think that Google would be just as open-minded when it came to their "open"-source Android. This however is coming under fire. The very popular Cyanogen has been hit with a Cease and Desist order from the the little green spaceman. Their problem with Cyanogen is with the distribution of close source "Google Experience" apps. In his defense Cyanogen says that the rom is intended for the G1 and MyTouch which are already Google branded phones. Cyanogen is said to be trying to open dialogue with Google. His site is down, but you can follow him on twitter @Cyanogen.

Even though I think that Google does have a valid argument here, it is discouraging to see a chef harassed by Google for trying to expand and improve their platform at his own expense. I think that what it boils down to is that manufacturers are paying Google for it`s branding that is associated with the "Google Experience". With Android`s proliferation of custom UIs such as HTC Sense and Moto Blur (without Google branding) they are trying to keep their own competing experience closed to those who are paying for it. Google is trying to protect their interests here, but they are doing so at the cost of their most loyal supporter. The people who supported their new platform, some of which went on to actively develop for it are going to second guess the so called openness of Google.

Please support Cyanogen, Chefs and people who believe in the right to hack and mod devices in which we have paid our hard earned money to own and use as we please. There is a petition to support Cyanogen. Let`s get those 10,00 signatures and then some.

Cyanogen on Twitter


Facebook Group




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