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Originally Posted by crobbins View Post
The phone would NOT turn on, but the LED was still flashing as though everything was normal. I had to actually take the battery out and put it back in to get it working properly. Has anyone had this happen to them? If so, do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?
Its called D.S.O.D. and is common to almost all PPCs. Info below (from EboMike @ PDAPhonephone) is for the 6700 but it all still applies

Collection of things to do to avoid the DSOD
Many people have experienced the DSOD, i.e. the phone's LEDs still blink but the device won't turn on and needs to be soft-reset.

I'm collecting all the things we can do here to avoid DSOD. I haven't completely gotten rid of it, but I'm down from "DSOD after literally every hour" to "once a week".

- Do not install software on the storage card that might trigger automatically. That means: Absolutely no today plug-ins, no ring tones, nothing that runs in the background, and nothing that could accidentally be triggered if you hit one of the buttons of your device.

- Do not store data that might be accessed automatically. Same thing. Basically, do not store mail attachments on the storage card if you have wireless sync.

- Close programs that use the storage card before turning your device off. Magic Button is an excellent tool to do this.

- If you do install programs on the storage card, do NOT use the "Programs" window or the start menu to start them. Instead, use a File Explorer to run them. If you use "Programs" or the start menu, that program will be in your list of recently accessed applications in the start menu. So the next time you turn your device on and click on the start menu, the system will access your storage card to load the icon of the application - this will create a noticeable delay of several seconds, if not DSOD.

- You may try disabling the auto-shutoff of your device. Personally, I don't do that, but many people in this forum have successfully avoided DSODs by preventing their device from going into sleep mode in the first place, with just the backlight turned off.

- Get a good holster or find another good way of transporting your device. It seems to me that physical impact can cause DSODs. It might be a bad idea to carry the phone in your pocket. Try a good holster - my personal favorite is the Seidio holster, but check this forum first before making a decision - there are good reviews for most available holsters available).

- Don't randomly install crap. Every single piece of software you install could interfere with your system. Limit the software you install to what you really need. Check the forums, some people named a few programs that explicitly did not work for them.

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