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Re: CDMA cradle/dock with 3.5mm stereo jack?

I've now performed the surgery fully on two Sedio InnoDocks originally intended for the Sprint Touch/Vogue and it's working just fine with the Diamond.

It's a dead easy 5 minute operation. All you need is a small star bit screwdriver to uncouple the main housing (screws are located betneath felt footpads so remove those pads carefully if you intend to re-use.) Then simply undo the two screws holding together the pivot piece to twist the adapter's seating within it around for proper orientation so the Diamond can now face forward (you'll need a tiny phillips head with a wide, but shallow bite.)

Everything works great now. The phone sits just a hair off center due to that's how the Vogue's connection point was placed (while the Diamond's is on-center.) But other than that I've got no complaints as I was able to reuse existing hardware.

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