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Red face Re: CDMA Treo Pro Kitchen WM6.5 build 21857

Originally Posted by Malachi View Post
NightRaven, rookie here, but, it seems that the kitchen comes with 2 builds of WM 6.5. Can we flash these to our phones just as they are? Anything special about them? Customized by you maybe?

Any chance for a brief intro to using this kitchen for rookies? I messed around with Ebag's 700wx kitchen and cooked a couple ROMs for myself, but this seems WAY different. I mainly need to remove stuff like Games, unused ringers, etc and maybe make a few reg changes such as replacing left soft key "Contacts" with "SMS" that links to Palm Messaging (Treo 800 threaded sms by Hannip). I managed to edit the registry on my phone and do this, but would like to cook it into the ROM.

Unless this is not a do-it-yourself kitchen for rookies...

BTW: Thanks so much for this. I expect it to open the door wide open for some really nice custom ROMs.
20765 is the original 6.1 build. 21857 is the newest 6.5.0 build. If you want the original 6.1, just select 20765 for the XIP and the sys. If you want 6.5, select 21857. As for removing games, if you want to get rid of them all, disable the entertainment package by double clicking it. If you want to remove specific files, you will have to remove them from the sys folders manually. As for customizing the kitchen, all I did was take a few apps out of the OEM and converted them to ext packages. This is to show a sample of how they should be implemented.

For detailed information on how to use the kitchen search for an Ervius Kitchen guide. There are many out there. I choose not to write my own, because I didn't feel it was necessary or time effective to reinvent the wheel.

I created this kitchen so I could put 6.5 on my fiancés Alltel Treo Pro, and only posted it because I promised to build on in June, and no one else has posted one. With that said, I really don’t have a device to test with. When my 700wx died, I choose to goes with a Touch Pro because it has much better specs and I figured Palm was about to dump all windows mobile development. I can help with some issues, but won’t be able to help with anything that may require testing.

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