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Re: CDMA Treo Pro Kitchen WM6.5 build 21857

NightRaven, rookie here, but, it seems that the kitchen comes with 2 builds of WM 6.5. Can we flash these to our phones just as they are? Anything special about them? Customized by you maybe?

Any chance for a brief intro to using this kitchen for rookies? I messed around with Ebag's 700wx kitchen and cooked a couple ROMs for myself, but this seems WAY different. I mainly need to remove stuff like Games, unused ringers, etc and maybe make a few reg changes such as replacing left soft key "Contacts" with "SMS" that links to Palm Messaging (Treo 800 threaded sms by Hannip). I managed to edit the registry on my phone and do this, but would like to cook it into the ROM.

Unless this is not a do-it-yourself kitchen for rookies...

BTW: Thanks so much for this. I expect it to open the door wide open for some really nice custom ROMs.