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CDMA cradle/dock with 3.5mm stereo jack?

Does anyone know if such a thing exists?

I just upgraded from original CDMA Touch (loving the screen and all the great custom ROM choices for the Diamond) but this is the one thing I haven't been able to find yet. I have a Seidio cradle with a headphone jack on it from my original Touch that plugs directly into some PC speakers at my desk in the office. I use it to stream radio, etc throughout the day so I can bypass running the audio through my laptop (I'll sometimes have the Thinkpad docked at my decks, but sometimes I will sit on the couch and work, etc.) The cradle from the Touch technically works with my Diamond, however, the pinout is oriented the opposite direction so it faces/leans the wrong way.

I've seen a big, square, flat one for the GSM Diamond online. But I wasn't 100% sure if it would work with the CDMA model.
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