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G sensor calibration will not save, please help! (2 phones same problem stock ROMS)

Hey guys, I have had a problem on my Touch Pro for awhile now where the G sensor will not store the calibration at all. Its almost exactly 45 degrees out and makes Opera go haywire, and nobody has had any ideas on what to do about it.

I thought I was alone with this problem, but then a guy I work with told me he had the same exact thing on his Sprint Diamond. It was totally stock, had the old sprint ROM without the calibration app, so I downloaded the calibration app from XDA and tried it out. To my surpise it did the same thing as mine, bubbles will center, message says Calibration Completed, then seconds later, the bubbles jump right back where they were to begin with.

I ended up hard resetting, and then flashing him to the newest Sprint ROM which has the calibration app built in, and still get the same results. I found though that if you hold his phone at just the right angle, and kinda center the bubble ON the line, rather than between the lines, it will save. Pressing the button any more after this no matter what angle you hold the phone sends it right back to the same 45 degrees off as it started with though.

I hope my post isn't so long it will turn people off from reading it, I just wanted to provide as much info as I could off the top of my head. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, all I have heard so far when researching this problem on my own phone is that its defective and needs to be replaced, but I just don't think that is the case, though I could be wrong. Once again, thanks in advance.
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