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Re: Threaded text issue

Originally Posted by NeroDan View Post
Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.50 (Windows NT 6.0; u; en) Presto/2.1.1) anyone else having this issue?
i have the same problem i still trying to track that problem down but i have many things up in the air what is making it lock up but i know what you are talkin about i jump from rom to rom and back to stock rom and it was doing the same thing also but now im using Psyki4 new rom that he just came out with and im not having that problem but i think with all the text messages, backups of textes putting back on the phone, keyboard lag, and not hard resetting after installing a new rom there is something doing it because right now i didnt restore the texts and i thinking here has the keyboard lag fixed on his rom and i did a hard reset before and after i installed it on my phone and now i dont see the problem but if i do come up with something new or zero in on that problem then i will let you know but until now that is the best i can tell you about your problem that i was in

oh one last thing i was thinking it may also be cabs you are installing that is making it do it also it is missing with what the person already done to the rom to make it like it is
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