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Re: Verizon TP2 on AT&T - Data Configuration Help

Originally Posted by SweetBearCub View Post
Verizon uses CDMA technology, as does Sprint. Even though Verizon & Sprint have a GSM SIM slot in them, as of yet the phone is still locked out on US towers. Until we can get a working Hard SPL, I doubt we will find any way to unlock it.

Funny man - just because I'm new to PPCGeeks doesn't mean I'm an idiot. Well, let's see. Phone arrived at 2:45pm Eastern via FedEx overnight from Verizon Wireless (I upgraded my business account but there's already a Tour on that line). SIM Unlocked by 3:00pm. Test call placed on AT&T at 3:15pm and on T-Mobile at 3:25pm. I managed to swing data configuration on T-Mobile and was surfing the web on EDGE data by 5:00pm and now am looking to configure AT&T Data for the phone. Did I miss something about this lock you and many others keep reporting? The phone works great - I should have email configured by this evening. If anyone can offer up some assistance as to AT&T Data Configuration that would be great.
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