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Re: How do you like your Diamond?

Originally Posted by nxtech3 View Post
How is WinMo the "real and only" smartphone OS yet it hold the diamond (or any other WM device for that matter) back? WinMo is what makes the diamond what it is. As far as second choice being Android in October, WebOS would be the third choice, WinMo the second choice and BB being first since thats how it was offered on the Sprint network. WebOS is becoming real popular, real fast. i will admit WM needs to step it up because once Android hits Sprint, it might be two big brothers (WebOS and Android) beating up the little stepbrother (WinMo).
You're right on BB/Pre, I'll modify my statement that until recently WinMO has really been the only real Smart Phone OS that offers the flexibility that should compliment the Smartphone Moniker. Key word is RECENTLY.

Why is it holding the Diamond back? Because it is buggy. No matter how much you try to polish it, how many cooked ROMs you put on it, it is still buggy. The stock UI is seriously lacking, and lacks innovation. In fact it currently limits implementation of new technology too. Can't support capacitive screens? Come on. Capacitive screens are the next step for finger friendly devices. I really HATE having to bust out a stylus or try to use a finger nail to be accurate on my TP/Diamond. Stuck with a resistive screen that sucks in daylight.... poo.

My bottom line is, from the beginning, IMO, WinMO has been the leader. These days other OS's are legitimate challenges, and really highlight some of WinMo's shortfalls.
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