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Re: Updated NFSFAN ROM

Originally Posted by fixxxer2008 View Post
two words = no customization!
Everytime a new version of Manila comes out old themes no longer work. When the footprints version came out, a new M2DC was required and old themes would mess up the calendar display on your homepage etc.

You can install / make new themes if you know what your doing. Untill the auther of M2DC makes a new version any new themes will have to be cab files or rar files. NFSFAN disabled several non-working / interfering widgets in V15 that did not play nice with M2DC. I have yet to try a new theme to test this.

This is what we have to put up with always loading the latest and greatest stuff on our devices. I'm sure the VGA M3D boys had to make new themes when 2.5 came out. Price we pay for being on the cutting edge!!

I made a black theme that runs fine with the new mega, you can see it below. I am in the process of editing the .xml to add the flip clocks back.

For the people in this thread with the hard reset and other issues, there are a few minor known issues with the ROM that any XDA user knows. Your problems are not one of them. It is a bad / improper flash

1. Flash from bootloader mode ONLY, let all customizations run
2. Hard reset, let all customizations run.
3. If you still have reset issues flash back to stock first then repeat

This is from NFSFAN himself. In my opinion the going back to stock step is only required when changing to a new sys / xip. My opinion, but when NFSFAN says flash from bootloader only, well..............flash from bootloader. He's the Chef, he should know.

I know there's the "triple flash" in Codybears's FAQ, hey most people that do that have no problems.

Cheers everyone.

Happily running V15 with NO ISSUES, awesome speed and battery performance, and a black theme for Mega (not a trace of brown ANYWHERE)
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