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Re: CDMA to LTE Data Handover Completed..

Sprint doesn't have 4G, even if they claims that is is a 4G carrier. 4G is going to be a constant with LTE or WI-MAX, both will be a ip based network getting speeds of up to 10-12Mbps download and 2-5Mbps upload. In sprints crazy effort to regain customers they are claiming that REV-A= 4G which plain isnt true. its the 1st revision to EVDO< all they are doing is buffing up their network and making all their towers REV-A capable. Verizon is going with LTE(long term evolution). There is a substancial difference between the two networks and authentication on the server end of the data connection. The only phone provider currently that has manufactures a device that can support the LTE network currently is Sony-Erricsson. Either way eiher 4G technology is not going to hit the states until at least 3rd quarter 2010.
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