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Re: MMS/Arcsoft settings or help on Boost Htc Pro

Originally Posted by Nolimittodis View Post
I am a newbie to the ppc world, but not to modding phones. I recently activated a HTC touch pro from sprint on boost unlimited (cdma). I have everything working except my MMS. My phone is unlocked and I have a reg editor and Arcsoft installed. I have tried putting as the server but I still cant send or recieve mms. I think im missing a setting or something somewhere can someone please help. Thanks in advance.
Here is the correct settings using (Sprint Arcsoft MMS

Messaging, SMS/MMS, then Pics/Video Options, then hit the Servers tab, and click on SPRINTMMSC, and in there just change he Server Address to
This allowed me to send and recieve

Thanks to the original poster and thread on Sprint Arcsoft MMS and copashe on HF

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