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Re: MMS/Arcsoft settings or help on Boost Htc Pro

Originally Posted by drmmaster View Post
I have a buddy thats works in the call center. Thats all I can say on that. However anyone can get the cdma boost service. You just have to have one of the original 3 boost cdma phones. KRZR, w385 and i forget the 3rd sorry. After you start service with the original cdma phone. You can call cust service and attempt to get your Sprint phone activated (tell them your other phone is broke). Its luck of the draw really. Some reps will, some wont.

But its great, I have everything a sprint customer would have. But no contract. and half the monthly fee.

Just the stupid MMS....grrrr.
and in some places half the coverage area.

have you tried calling your buddy at boost?
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