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Re: Touch Pro 2 Tweaks, Hacks, Tips & Modifications

Originally Posted by Mike Mercury View Post
I've read through all 12 pages; there's a lot of great info here !

I have two issues I'm trying to resolve (TP2 T-Mobile)

1. Opera browser - doesn't execute hyperlinks (hypertext) most of the time. Sometimes it will work, but mostly it won't react to the hyperlink. Doesn't matter if using the stylus or finger.
IE -on the other hand- does react (so I know it's not a hardware issue). Anyone else have this problem? I would stay with IE, except the zoom-bar operation is flaky. Opera has the zoom-bar working perfectly... but then it has problems with hyperlinks.
From my understanding, it is an issue with the build of Opera 9.5 that is included with the phone. I have installed 9.7b1 and the issue has been addressed to a degree... the only problem is that the scrolling breaks then. I am eventually hopefully some guru will figure out which registry key needs to be updated to allow for scrolling in Opera 9.7b1... I've figured out how to scroll using the bottom slider, but not zoom:

2. The earpiece audio qualoity is slightly muffled/bass'y. The Amplitude/volume level is loud enough, but the audio characteristics are poor. Is there a registry area that deals with an equalizer for telephone calls via the phones earpiece? I'd either like to reduce the bass - or increase the highs.
I saw a fix for this somewhere... will have to dig to find it... I think it's on this forum
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