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Re: MobileMe Question

Originally Posted by CarlaDarla View Post
Hey all,

I have a question for you iPhone folks that use MobileMe....

We purchased this for my little sister as a gift for her new iPhone, and when she tries to I guess sync everything it tells her it is going to erase all her contacts from her phone, and replace them with the stuff form the website....This is all well and good but there is nothing on the website yet since she hasn't initially synced it to get anything there. I was thinking it was like MyPhone for us WM users.

Will her phone be erased and will she have no way to recover her contacts after this process? I just want to know if we wasted $99 on something she won't use.....Thanks in advance for any information yall have.
WOW!!! A Hundred dollars on a backup app.
Another reason to hate the iphone. hehe.
Sorry Carla, couldn't resist.

School starts up again tomorrow,
and I know a few people that have an iphone there,
so I'll see if they've ever used that app.

Untill then, I figured what the hey, I'm just helpin ya out and bumping your thread to the top.
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