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Re: HTC Sprint Diamond Help please

Originally Posted by TREmp77 View Post
Find a good task manager or this one might be good and make sure nothing is running in the background. Kill Opera9.exe, Check your start up folder and make sure somethings are not starting up and running when you start your phone (of course some things are ok).

You should get a lot more than an hour or so, even if thats an exageration it sounds like you arent getting much battery life. Your phone should never get that hot, warm is normal hot is not. Sometimes means that stuff is running making it hot, and that would also explain your poor battery life. Then again you signal is a huge factor too, if its bad your phone will go in and out of 1x all the time killing your battery.
I installed it and it removed the one that was on the phone, and I been on top of that one making sure nothing was runningÖ and I changed it to X closes programs, I use the X to get out of everything anyway.
I know in my room is a bad bad spot for phones signals and for the last 2 mornings it has been hot when I got up the led is doing a flashing, but I canít get the screen to come on so I have to reset it and I donít know what was making it do it.
Also I used a program on my pc ,CeRegEditor, to do the reg-editing and I had the program unlock the phone, do I re-lock it the same way as it is on the forum? I do not have a new version on .net frame and canít find one that will work on here. Sprint said to bring it back by as the getting hot is not good and they may have to give me a new phone.
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