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Re: Wm6.5 Latest Build build 23016

Originally Posted by mwalt2 View Post
It depends on your kitchen. If you're using visual kitchen, just put the new SYS folder (ie 23025) into the SYS folder in the kitchen. Then put the MSXIPKernel folder from the SYS/ROM you downloaded into the ***\Visual Kitchen\ROM\Shared\23025. Then make a new folder called 23025 in ***\Visual Kitchen\ROM\DIAM500 and copy the OEMXipKernel from the previous build in that folder to 23025. This is the device specific portion of the XIP you need. You'll want to recmod the modules in all of the BROWSING folders inside the new SYS folder. Also do all adobe ones. Those are the ones I've read to make sure to recmod. I also recmod all WindowsLive folders and NetCF. You can use the attached .bat made by da_g to recmod easier (or use visual kitchen if you like clicking your mouse a lot :P). Just put the .bat in the folder you want to recmod (inside your kitchen ie \Visual Kitchen\SYS\230258\SHARED\COMMON\BROWSING) and double click it.

You can read more at and da_g's sticky thread at xda development and hacking.
WOW thanks for that, BUT i dont believe i use visual kitchen. I use BuildOS from SSK and Calkulins. SSK already has a fairly recent wm6.5 sys, just not the latest. Are these steps still necessary and required if i already use his older files or some of them?

How would you be able to port over the SYS/XIP in buildOS
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